Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clarification--and dehydration

"It saddens me that you ascribe the shallowness of late capitalist consumption in the 21st century U.S. to "liberal values." This mis-attribution is what has caused well-meaning cultural conservatives to join forces with, and thus empower, the corporate forces that place us in our current milieu of empty, mindless, and destructive consumption. Trust me, the guys rubbing against you in the club ARE NO LIBERALS."

Well said and point taken. I disagree not in the least. This comment simply makes it apparent to me that the point I was attempting to get to in my former post was lost somewhere, and so, I feel the need to try again.

No, guys and their hard-ons are not exemplars of liberal ideals. Young people (regardless of gender) who equate knowing hip-hop lyrics with embracing diversity are, however, products of a very watered down understanding of a liberal ideal. See the clarification I am trying to make? We are on the same side, commenter. Liberalism (particularly 'open-mindedness') has been commodified like a new sneaker. People don't have to work to solve problems anymore. The solutions are already there! It's as easy as picking up a latte. You know, everybody act the same (Black people perform whiteness and Whites listen to hip-hop). Racism and prejudice, CURED! Global warming's gonna get us. No fear, just recycle and drive a Prius--it's good for the environment, you know. And, whatever you do, don't think. Listen to what your hippie parents tell you, or your pastor, or, hell, even your professor. Just do whatever the person you admire the most says and never, ever consider anything that doesn't already fall under your own understanding of the world valuable in the least. You'll be fine. You'll be the American Dream.

From Jesus to Christ is the book my face is hiding behind. I should be taking notes on that for my rhetorical criticism paper on progressive Christian denominations. I can honestly say that I believe there are a lot of people in my church who are doing it, and doing it, and doing it well.
Nobody has it all figured out. What audacity it takes to see 6,000,000,000 other people around you, each and every one with at least a slightly different understanding of the world, and say, "Oh yeah, I got this life thing down. And all of you--you should probably be doing it this way."
Good luck with that.

I saw this incredible tree on my way to yoga the first day with Jen. We were in a car Friday and yesterday, but today I biked there alone and on my way back I stopped to take this picture. It really is as isolated and desolate as it looks. The holes scattershot about its base are prairie dogs' dwellings. I feel like this tree could go in one of two directions: a wooden swing for lovers to laugh on, or a noose with an unfortunate victim dangling.

Either way, incredible site.

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so contrived said...

If I may comment on my own post, that picture makes my eyes look incredibly wide-set.