Friday, April 11, 2008

Even the longest journey begins with a single step

Photo commentary:
Sun damage, courtesy of Colorado, has already become apparent to me. Look to the lower right hand corner to find evidence of me letting my apartment go--the condition of my desk is atrocious.

Incriminating reflection:
While waiting for the bus today, reminders of last weekend's "undergraduate escapades" were unearthed in the bottom of my purse. Tonight Amanda and I are headed out on the town again, this time in Boulder, not Denver. I imagine that, as long as I steer clear of any strikingly gorgeous and notably cocky imports from the UK, I will not find myself in similar (and dire) circumstances.

Personal Drama:
There is an ongoing drama of a love that dare not speak its name. May 7th will bring a certain amount of freedom to this blog regarding said drama, but until then I can do little more than post random, cryptic asides. There are a select few people (Julie, Sam, Ethan, Maisha, Amanda) who are "in the know." This may prove to be a promising storyline in the future, perhaps the focus of the blog for at least a time. Of interest (and related): Baudrillard translated plays.

In the News:
Let's just reflect on this for a moment:

Tomorrow's Teaser:
I will begin to post scenes from a screenplay I have penned. It's a non-linear, artsy-fartsy piece of film festival bs that will keep you guessing. Hopes of production beginning this summer are in the forefront of my mind.*

*If you have access to a camera of a certain professional standard and will be in the Pittsburgh/northern panhandle WV area this summer, contact me. Even if you have absolutely zero interest in involvement with the project, we could arrange a certain price for use of previously stated equipment.

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