Thursday, April 17, 2008


Tea and milk

Thin. Inferior?

Source of life, robust and thick

Rich combination

I had my students play a public speaking game today that I lifted from Ian Reyes. They had three options regarding what they could prepare to say: 3 haikus, the soundtrack to their lives, or a life's to do list (those ideas, however, I will take credit for). Most chose the to do list, and it was interesting to hear what 18-20 year-olds in the university want from life. Most of them wanted to get married and have a family. "Traveling the world" was another popular one as most "had never even left the country." And, I heard a lot of shout outs to Semester at Sea as well.

I was fairly proud of this assignment. I think that reflection and thinking of one's self in such a way is largely neglected. What is your creative expression in 5-7-5 form? What 10-12 songs reflect the times and experiences now understood as 'you'? What are the hopes and dreams that keep you waking up each day? Share them. I'd adore it.

As far as my picture today, so not feeling it.

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Pat said...

Math is Hard

math is difficult
analysis kicks my ass
i hope i'll survive