Friday, June 6, 2008

I said it before and I'll say it again

My life really is a movie.

Went out with Kathy again tonight. Dara's brother works at Saddle Ridge and they were opening a brand new club inside called Bar Room. Since we had an in, we could get in for no cover. The three of us and Julz headed out for a crazy night on the town--but we had no idea how crazy.

The club was literally easily about 90 degrees. Everyone was sweating like crazy and near death the entire night. We dances like mad, Kathy (this being her second night at a club ever) was absolutely freaking out at the sight of each guy checking her out, these two fabulous (and I mean effing fabulous) gents pretty much used me and Dara as poles to dance on. We ran into Ron, my favorite old swing dancing partner, and then his girlfriend tells us that Evgeni Malkin is in the house. Dara and Julie were my party mates the last time we had a Pens run-in at a club. We looked at each other and about fainted from laughter. I ran into about everyone I ever knew in Pittsburgh and then I said to Julie, "this night is like a dream or something, every part of our lives conjoining." At that moment, Caleb, the world's best story-teller and our favorite person ever, walked up to us. Julz and I screamed. The night was complete.

We danced, laughed at the swarm of club rats hovering around Malkin, saluted Hitler on top of the table (don;t ask, that's all Caleb), and just generally had the greatest night of our lives. Oh, later on Ryan Malone was hanging out as well, and Foster got a picture with him on his phone, and was more excited about it than most of the girls in the bar. Which was freaking hysterical.

I came home and signed online, only to laugh out lout to myself at 3am as I looked the the facebook status I had left earlier today: Shannon Dickerson is going through Pens withdrawal.


And, of course, the quote of the night. Prompted by all of the people crowding around for hours just to get a glimpse of Malkin and, later, Malone: "Why fuck a Penguin when you can fuck your friends?" Courtesy of yours truly.

Basically, I am never leaving Pittsburgh again.
Fucking ever.

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