Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bar 11... the greatest bar on earth. Black lights and sharpie highlighters are good times, as is the mixture of alcohol and toys.

Quote of the night:

"Childhood would have been so much better if alcohol had been involved."

Some other classics:

"Oh, you're from Philly? Remember when the Pens beat you in the semi-finals? Yeah, that was great. Haven't you guys not won a championship since 1983? Yeah, that's cool." =P

"AVAILABLE." (my name tag)

"We're disengaged!" ~the three coolest people ever (of course, myself is included in that)

"He and I have been together fo-, I mean, shit, that came out wrong." ~Erik, on being "roommates" with Matt =D

"I <3>" ~my hand/middle finger

Last night was way too visual to blog about.

No photo. I took one of me, but it apparently got deleted. =(

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