Saturday, June 21, 2008

Amazing Friends

Birthdays have never been a big deal to me. I enjoy planning and going all out for people who do enjoy such things, but I don't really throw birthday parties for myself. And every birthday seems to turn out just lovely anyways.

Last night's symphony fun was my family's special treat for me. And then I thought, since my birthday happens to fall on a Thursday anyway, might as well just use it as an excuse to go out (what I would usually be doing on a Thursday night anyway. I know, I know. I'm a slut, a club rat, and a lush. Whatev.). Then I get a phone call from the delightful Dara this afternoon informing me that she has the perfect plan for my party and asking permission to take the reigns on this whole thing.

What a gal. And what a lucky gal I am to have a gal like her as my friend. I'm quite stoked, I must say. Our reserved table party will include champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and $2 martinis till midnight.

What a lucky gal I am. ;)

My Puma socks, because, why not?

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