Sunday, June 29, 2008

Story behind a picture

Keep up with me in more photographic detail:

Hokay, so. Funny story. We took this picture in a store...thought we could sneak one in quick...but the flash went off and the woman behind the counter wasn't too happy about it. No problem, which is what I said when she told me not to take pictures. But, then she got all bitchy and said it a second time--for absolutely not reason. I had been really polite and totally agreeable before. Basically, we're still confused about why she wigged out. Anyway, Justin wasn't having it, and responded to her with a snide and short "Heard you the first time, thanks."

Well, that did it. Chaos insued resulting in her threatening to call security on us and telling Justin that "Your mother is bitch." (She was not a native English speaker.) You can actually see the lady in between me and Barbara's heads.

Let the good times roll.

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