Saturday, June 14, 2008

Week in Review

I can't apologize enough. What a lame attempt at an online experiment. Whatever...I'll just try to pick up the pieces from here.

Some updates:

Saturday June 14th
Went to The Color Purple with my Dad. He and I have been going to 3 plays every summer for 12 years. I really can't say enough about the many privileges I have had.

Here is some music from the show. What an amazing performance.

Friday June 13th

Happy Early Father's Day

Went golfing in Ohio with my dad. We did more of a Father's Weekend than day. I had a few kick ass shots, I must say., and the course was beautiful. Golf is pretty much my favorite thing. No one is very good at it, so, to me, there's no pressure to perform really well. It's a relaxing day in a beautiful place with people you love--a veritable microcosm of what life should be.

Thursday June 12th

Station Square

I've said it before (and, actually, I stole it from one of my favorite books, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh), but some people really know how to have a good time. My mom, dad, and I went to Station Square where we gazed at our picturesque city skyline, watched the dancing fountain show, chowed down on greasy Hard Rock appetizers, sipped slowly on chilled coffee and, later, bloody mary's, and breathed in the muggy Western Pennsylvania summer air.

It doesn't get any better. It just doesn't.

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