Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Me, riding a go-cart of sorts, at the NASCAR amusement park something or other. It was amazing walking around there to see how many people really like to reinforce stereotypes of themselves.

In other exciting news, after this we went to Starbucks where I said "Go Steelers" to a man behind me in line wearing a Steeler t-shirt (I've seen a lot of them down here). The two ladies in front of us then said to me, "Are you from Pittsburgh?" and went on to tell me that the two of them had graduated from Pitt.

Then, the wife of the Steeler t-shirted man grabbed me and we talked for about 10 minutes (as this was the least efficient Starbucks in history and we were waiting for our drinks that long) about how she and her husband were North Carolina born and raised, but have both been Steeler fans their whole lives. Their house is only Steerlers memorabilia. They long to take a trip up north to see a home game. They miss Three Rivers (even though they'd never been to it), and--and this really made my heart swell with Hometown pride--the only game they could get tickets to was a pre-season Panthers game. According to this lady, the game was sold out and easily 80-90% of those in attendance were Steeler fans. "Yeah," she said, "We went to the 'club' and there were only Steeler fans there too. A Panther fan walked up to it and turned back around. We let him come in though."

The Pittsburgh Steelers: the most popular team in the NFL.

My god I love Pittsburgh.

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