Sunday, July 6, 2008

Local News

Because I love it so much, let's just talk about local news coverage for a moment. I mean, really. Think of how ridiculous it is. Go on, think about it.

The lead story for tonight's 11 o'clock news was about how a Kennywood ride malfunctioned leaving riders hanging upside down--for about 10 minutes. Now, I'm sure that wasn't particularly comfortable, but it also wasn't headline news.

Not to mention the story immediately following that was about a body found buried in a backyard. Really people? Wtf?

It's the best entertainment on television. Hands down.

In other news, I forgot my camera today as I went biking with pops and hung out with Hayley and Julz. Which I am totally fine with because I'm obsessed with my beach pictures and you're getting more of them.

Oh, that's right. The body board I purchased had a penguin on it. Coincidence? I think not.

Go Pittsburgh!

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