Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vegas (cont.)

Now where were we? Ah, yes. Just about to get to the good part. (Oh, that's right, we haven't arrived at the good part yet.)

The record label party was a little long in coming. Which actually provided us with more good times and entertainment. Lisa and I split up and I accompanied The Fashion to a sophisticated little lounge area where I introduced t.b. to Framboise (and scolded him for having never tried it living so close to Belgium). We laughed more, and joked more. Sports Center was playing overhead which lead us to an interesting conversation about sports (American sports are either boring: baseball; or make no sense: football--but you don't use your feet). Of course, being from Europe, he was a huge 'soccer' fan. And when I asked him what his plans were upon returning to Denmark he said he had a court date.

"For what?"

"Punching a cop in the face." (At a football/soccer game)

He told me the story and I laughed like hell. Then I told him my near D.U.I. tale. And we toasted numerous times to various things.

Party time.

Everything you know about record label parties from movies, TV, E! True Hollywood Stories, and celebrity interviews is absolutely true. All of it.

They rented out a club in Mandalay Bay where there were scantly clad cocktail waitresses buzzing about fulfilling your every whim (and glass). Open bar, a burlesque routine, live band, dance floor, drug use...you name a sex, drugs, and rock & roll cliche, it was present and going strong.

We partied hardy throughout the night. I never slept on Friday and made it to the airport successfully with Lisa for our 12pm flight, which was, of course, packed, and we stand-by fliers were stuck until 2 when we made it out to Philly arriving near 10pm East Coast time. We bummed around the airport making desperate attempts to grab some sleep, but even with having slept only 3 hours the past two nights the atmosphere of that place was so terrible that neither of us could get in more than about 30 minutes without one of the 47 florescent lights, the deafening classical music, or CNN's Black in America programming bringing out much deserved rest to a screeching halt. (Phuk Philly)

Our flight departed at 7:30am. I got about 4 hours in before having to get up and get to Dara's Charity Benefit on Mt. Washington. It was a lovely evening, which I was surprisingly not that tired for. Caleb was a minor trouble maker which brought a smile to my face, and I got to see someone I hadn't seen in 5 years who I worked with at Jumonville.

But, really, nothing else can compare to Friday night. I mean, the past couple days I've practically been in withdrawal, just going through the motions because it's probably going to be a while before I can top that trip, specifically that night. So, for now, I'm off to clean up and ready myself for the start of a fall semester.

Here's to living every moment to the absolute fullest, taking risks and chances, never caring what another person thinks, and doing it "my way."

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