Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Ol' Life's Getting A Li'l Hectic

Ahhh! The transition to Boulder has been anything but smooth. Back and forth from Pittsburgh so many times. I came to Boulder last Tuesday for a meeting that I couldn't get out of, then back to Pittsburgh Thursday for FOX Japan in Mo-town Friday night and Gina (my cousin's) bachelorette on Saturday in Columbus. Both were good times (pics on the camera, but the cord to upload them I left in the 'burgh...not to worry, though, since I'm headed back there tomorrow. =| ), but getting back to Boulder on Sunday/Monday was a disaster. (Ask me about my travel luck sometime...actually, I have a thing or two to say about that. I think I'll add it later).

Soooo...I'm back in Boulder for the first week of classes, but am leaving again after I teach to attend Gina's rehearsal dinner and wedding this weekend. Fortunately, Monday is Labor Day so I don't need to be back for anything, and then I'm always off I could make a nice long weekend out of this if the flights look alright.

Things are pretty hectic outside of travel as well. Moving in by myself has proven a challenge, and I still have stuff in storage with no forseeable way of getting it out before the lease is up. I mean, I'll get it out, because I refuse to pay for another month's rent, but it's gonna be a pain.

Classes look pretty good though, and it looks like my Independent Study is going through as planned. All I have to do now is survive teaching tomorrow (which is pretty much my favorite part of grad. school so it should be fine) and then successfully make it back to the 'burgh (now, this has proven tricky a time or two before).

Ok, now to my travel epiphany, or more like my life epiphany. It's actually a good thing, even though it won't seem like it at first. Come with me on this.

I have the world's worst travel luck. You don't even know. I cannot explain to you the things that have happened to me when trying to fly. God/the universe literally must sit around coming up with new and innovative ways to screw with me.

Now, I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. You're thinking, "Well Shannon, you travel a lot more than most people and you fly stand-by. Those two things combine for a lousyer than normal flying record."

Not so. I mean, those things are true, but, you see, when I fly stand-by I never have a problem. When Lisa and I got stuck in the Philly airport for the night coming back from Vegas that was really the first time there was a problem, and that wasn't bad at all because I didn't need to ba back for anything pressing.

No, no. You see what makes my travel luck so unbelievable is that it is when I PURCHASE a ticket that everything goes to shit. Weather, crew overtime, mechanical problems, delays for no apparent reason, you name it, it's happened to me. But ONLY when I PURCHASE a ticket. And I do this on relatively rare occasions: holidays when the flights are bad to go stand-by, or when I absolutely have to be somewhere on a certain day and can't chance the stand-by thing. And when I say outrageous luck, I mean it. There was an occasion this past spring break where I was in 5 major US cities in one day trying to get home--reminder, with a PURCHASED TICKET--and had a total of 12 boarding passes by the end of it from all the flights they tried to put me on. Unreal, absolutely unreal.

But, here's where the epiphany comes in, and why this is good news. I am always going on and on about how everything works out for me. But then I realized all of this about my travel luck. And I thought, I don't have to worry anymore about dying in some freak accident of a firey sort. No, no, my travel luck BALANCES OUT the everything else working out for me thing. So, I'm in the clear. Not to worry.

So, here's to having crappy luck with purchased tickets, but everything ultimately working out anyways. ;)

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