Sunday, September 14, 2008

the Day to Day

AHHHHHH! The Fashion posted their new US tour dates for October and November. Looks like I have some weekend getaways to plan! Haha! Ahhhhhhahahahahahaha!

In other news, nothing particularly exciting to report. The flights were booked this weekend, so I couldn't meet up with Lisa in Columbus to see American Steel. I guess the next time I'll see her will be in Germany!

Since I had the weekend free, I biked 20 miles with Amanda yesterday, then ran 3. In between, we had the most appreciated soup, salad, and breadsticks of all time at the Olive Garden.

Training for the triathlon is going pretty well. I've run at least 3 miles a day since I started on Tuesday, bike as my main mode of transport, and, well, have only swam twice, but I'm working on every other day (which I can keep up if I make it to the pool today).

I screwed up my alarm and missed church this morning. =( I have a really bad sunburn from yesterday that I'm just begging will calm down sometime soon.

Got a lot of pictures from the past few months to put up, but the cord to connect camera with computer is M.I.A. and so we're very limited to text right now.

Oh, oh! This is exciting. Dara is coming to visit me and her friend Tim who lives in Denver October 16th-20th. Then my parents are coming out November 7th-10th. Woot.

Here's something I've been wanting to do lately. I've always been obsessed with lists. I love to-do lists, lists of countries I've been to or bands I've seen live, any kind of list really. Well, I'm starting a Life's To Do list (not that I haven't been making those since I was wee little). And might as well start it here.

Burning Man Festival (next year ::crosses fingers::)
run a half marathon (and if that is accomplished, then a marathon--one day)
publish a book (likely academic)
-all 50 states
-all 7 continents (yes, even Antarctica. It's totally doable; the professor I used to teach for is going in November)
-all European countries
learn to speak a second language
sing the National Anthem at a professional sporting event

There's so much; we'll add as we go.

What's on your to do list?

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Pat said...

Dude! I'm totally going to Burning Man next year! We should meet up, and I can show off my awesome fire-spinning tricks!