Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm a beast

Doing a triathlon on Saturday, September 27th. Yup, starting training tomorrow...what? You don't think 18 days is enough time to train? Eh, I've pretty much decided there's nothing I can't do. =)

Just for the sake of being able to look back and see what I was up to a year ago:

The weather today is super cold and rainy--totally Pittsburgh! I just had my weekly 1210 meeting (boring!) and am awaiting Kathy to grab lunch before lecture. Yesterday was awesome. I had church for the first time being back--I love singing in the choir!--and then slipped into my Steeler jersey and jumped right over to the Lazy Dog to watch Pittsburgh wipe the floor with Houston, while sipping a Bloody Mary and housing a Reuben. What a sweet, sweet day.

No more Reubens till triathlon day, that's for sure. =\

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