Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, I did it! The whole thing: 750 meters of swimming, 14.69 miles of biking, capped off with a 5k run. Awesome. The swim was much easier than I had thought it would be. The run was much more difficult--even though I didn't think the course was that bad--because I was so exhausted by then (oh, and Amanda thought the running route was terrible, and she killed me on the run). The biking was just extreme: a four mile section that was just completely uphill. Not a slow elevating grade. No. Four miles. Up hill. A freaking mountain.

But I did it. And I not only finished, but I didn't stop, and didn't walk--ever. So I'm feeling pretty good. I also did with a mountain bike what the 175 or so other competitors did with road bikes. And let me tell you, that course on a mountain bike was no picnic.

But the coolest part was that when Amanda caught up with me (I started 23 minutes before start by swim time, slowest to fastest) we were on the very end of the bike route, and we actually got our picture taken together (they hire photographers to take photos for the entrants to buy). So cool.

Till then, here's our non-profesh photo.

The atmosphere was awesome as well. Everyone constantly cheering you on, saying "Good job." Definitely going to be a triathlon, 5k, 10k, bike race addict. But, two words for future athletic adventures:
road bike.

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mooseman said...

I can't explain how proud I am of you!!!That is quite an undertaking. I've done 10k's but nothing like yo accomplished. And with very little training. I'm impressed!!
Love you pumpkin