Monday, November 3, 2008


Oh, the Fest. Here's the recap on a sweet, sweet weekend in the Sunshine State.

Lisa missed her first flight in the morning, so ended up going through Charlotte, the same airport where I had a layover. So, we got to hang out for a while there together before she headed off on her flight an hour before mine.

We arrived in Gainesville and met up at the Holiday Inn where we waited in line for about 2 hours to get our bracelets for the weekend. We then proceeded to the hotel, which was about a 3 year walk from the main area of Fest-ing...which led to us having to miss the first band Lisa wanted to see of the evening.

Not to worry. We made it back to town, donning our Halloween get-ups, and rocked out at one of the many Fest venues, Club 1982, for several hours (after receiving a delightful cab ride from Bernie X/Pete, the lady killer from the 70's =D--"If you can make her cry, you can make her do damn near anything.")

We hit up a house party, called it a night relatively early, and prepped ourselves for day 2....more to come.

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