Sunday, November 16, 2008

LA LA Land

Back from Hollywood, from a whirlwind 24 hour concert adventure.

Good times being had as usual. Probably my favorite part of the night was seeing Anders at the bar after The Fashion finished their set. Greeted by a warm smile and a big hug, he asked if I had found Christian yet. I said I hadn't and he took off his backstage pass, handed it to me and said, "Here, take this and go find him." Maybe the nicest thing ever. Of course, I promised to return it immediately, but once inside, found that Christian didn't really care if Anders ever saw his pass again, and so when Anders finally got back in and found me he was likely none too pleased. Haha...

Kinda sad that whole excursion is over...I always get so hyped for these things which go so fast and then am left with real life to deal with. Soooo...where to next?!

I'm so outta control; I gotta beeee more in control. ;)

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