Monday, December 15, 2008


Every year at my church, they have music Sunday one Sunday in December to celebrate the holiday season. Basically, instead of a sermon, the choir performs a 30-40 minute music piece. This year we performed Bach's Magnificat. This was my first time attending music Sunday since I didn't join the choir until spring last year. We had been working on the piece since September and hired a professional orchestra to accompany us. The church paid singers to come in and do the solo pieces as well.

We were pretty nervous going into it. The piece is a difficult one, and we're just a volunteer choir that rehearses once a week for an hour and forty-five minutes.

Then , more nerves for a different reason. Around Friday we got word that a blizzard was expected to come through late Saturday night/Sunday morning. We had worked so hard and might be performing for an empty room!

Well, the morning arrived, and, much to our surprise and delight there was not an empty seat in our rather spacious sanctuary. There were people standing in corners. Despite the foot of snow that was still falling outside, everyone came out to support us.

Ok, one worry down. Still the show to go.

Well, some things are difficult to articulate. I wish that you could see the concert, I really do. Of all of the performances I've been apart of, this is one of which I may be the most proud. I've worked harder, played a bigger role, and been more of a focal point in others, but there was something so special and appreciated about the job that we did that morning. A majority of the people in our choir would never have an opportunity to be a part of a performance like this in any other setting. It was just special. And went off without a hitch!

So, although this post doesn't have the sexy, surprising, adventurous twist so many of the others do, I had to share my delight with this past Sunday with you.

As for school...the countdown is on!

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Sam! said...

the Quia Respexit is one of my favorite Bach pieces EVER!