Friday, March 13, 2009

3 days...

Taking a no comps day as it is prospective student weekend and there are activities planned all day for the little buggers.

I gots no problems with it. Free breakfast, introductions, free lunch, colloquium, Jill's happy hour, then whatever trouble we can get into on Pearl. Sounds good to me.

Tomorrow entails finishing every last piece of writing associated with comps prep.

Sunday is an all-out memorizing extravaganza of my theory answer.

The schedule goes something like this once the process begins:

9-10:30am question 1 (theory)
10:30-1:30 memorize/study notes for method question (can't prepare an answer for this one, as you don't get the question in advance)
1:30-3pm question 2 (method)
3pm-as long as it takes memorize rhet & rel answer

9-10:30 question 3 (rhet & rel)
10:30-rest of the year RELAX

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mooseman said...

2 minute warning!!!
Love you pumpkin!!!