Monday, March 2, 2009

The Countdown is On

COMPS: March 16th and 17th

Working on finishing up the answer to question one this week, question two over the weekend, and question 3 the weekend before the big day(s).

I can so totally do this.

In the meantime, I'm going to see the doctor for the 7th time in about 3 weeks today. I haven't really been writing anything about this, but I've had mystery aching in my muscles and joints mainly in my hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders. This has been accompanied by mystery numbness in my hands. The doctors can't figure out what it is, even thought I've had blood test after blood test. This weekend it's taken a turn for the worst as the aching has spread to my toes and ankles (the one recurring theme from the doctors being, well, as long as it's not in your feet and legs we're not too worried...), AND now the middle finger on my left hand is catching (like, the tendon inside) when I bend it.

Sooo...this means sleeping, typing, putting on clothes, just functioning has sucked for the past SEVEN weeks. Oh, that's right. That's how long it's been going on. I've just only been going to the doctor for about 3 because I didn't have insurance for the first month of school.

At this point, I'm just tyring to get through it, get my Comps done, and make it to Spring Break.

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