Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ooooooo Baby!

Ok, enough whining about my health and schoolwork. Don't have the test results yet and comps is going to happen whether I want them to or not. Soooo...

Here's looking ahead!

Las Vegas!
Wooooot! Leaving March 22 for four days three fantastic nights in Sin City! And you best believe I'll be taking part in all of it coming off my comps. ;) Here's to shopping, eating, partying, and sleeping (we're staying at the Wynn!) like a total rock star. Go big or go home!

Daddy waxed my car (and cleaned everything in it, including the engine), got me mats with the Saab logo, fixed everything little thing that was even slightly out of wack. Oh man, I can't wait to get back to the 'burgh and drive this baby!

Denmark & Finland!
Graduation present to myself. Going abroad again (because what else do I do?). Scandinavia is the greatest place in the world and on this trip I'll check the final two Nordic countries off the list to vist. Woooooooot!

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