Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mad World

So, I'm sitting at Panera, moving at a snail's pace working towards finishing my comps, and I'm just watching this girl next to me, who has been on her phone for seemingly ever. She's sitting with a guy, who, by there interactions seems to be a romantic interest. But she's just on her freaking phone. I don't know what she's saying because she is Asian and is not speaking English to whomever is on the other end. But, I'm going to go ahead and guess it's not that important. The guy's just sitting there, idly nibbling at his cesar salad. And she dips her head down to her straw every once in a while and takes a sip at her frappucino.

This is just so odd to me. I mean, what the crap is going on over there? Is this not considered rude, or strange to anyone else? I'm reminded of how my students are unstoppable when it comes to text messaging. I watch them in lecture, the little fingers going a mile a minute. They don't do it in my class because they know I'll stop 'em, but still. Who in the hell needs to be "in-touch" literally every minute of every day? You're in class for 50 minutes. Your friends will get over it.

Ha, Mr. Being Ignored just made a move to leave and the phone queen (who has since hung it up) says "I'm not even done yet!"

Well, of course you're not, silly-face. Your mouths been busy doing other things. Like not eating your food and not talking to your company.

Such a weird, weird world. I'm not annoyed or upset or anything. I just think it's all a little strange is all.

Back to work.

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Sam! said...

That aggravates the snot out of me too! It's much different if you take a call for a second, or if something significant is actually happening, HOWEVER, I don't get why people need to be on the phone all the time...
Sometimes, I just turn mine on silent so I don't have to be in touch with anyone.