Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Has Kinda Begun

So, I'm not in the clear. I still have the oral defense of my comps, I'm not sure how I did on them, and there's the rest of the semester to worry about. I also haven't just breathed out this huge sigh of relief or anything either. My health stuff is still an issue and I've been so tightly wound over all of this that just relaxing is hard.

But, I doooooo feel a 1,000 times better and with comps out of the way (at least the prepping for them) I feel like I can put my energy and attention to other purposes now, which is nice.

I have some grading to do before I skedaddle outta here to LAS VEGAS on Sunday (eeeeaaaarrrly Sunday). Other than that, I'm pretty much done with work till I get back. I'm certainly not getting a jumpstart on all the stuff to come. Screw that; I've been working hard enough.

Last night was delightful. After class, Amanda and I went to Baker's Street Pub. We had way too many wings, two margaritas and an Irish Car Bomb in honor of St. Patrick. ;) I also made a complete fool out of myself in front of one of the band members who were playing. Wireless guitars are really tricky sometimes...

Anyway, feeling a lot better overall. Hoping for brighter posts in the future!

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