Friday, April 10, 2009

My Heart Breaks

The above is a link to the news story reporting that an 11 year old boy hanged himself this week after being constantly bullied at school.

I'm just heartbroken.

I was merely unpopular in middle school, but only got picked on minimally. And I know how miserable my life was for those years. I can't imagine persistent bullying to the point that an 11 year old with everything ahead of him would wrap a phone cord around his neck and take his life.

What kind of world is this? Who are the parents of these bullies? Who are the bullies? Sorry, but 6th grade is old enough to start taking responsibility for your actions. Sick children who are going to grow up to be sick adults who are going to pump out more sick children and pollute this disgusting place to the point that the enlightened ones will either live in a state of constant misery, or die far before their time.

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