Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Down, Two to Go

Comps paper out of the way (hopefully). It's been submitted and will hopefully be accepted. ::fingers crossed::

I have another paper due tonight, but most people were asking to have an extra evening to work on it, so I will likely send that off tomorrow morning before tutoring. This one is interesting, but I've really just had it with school in general at this point.

Was supposed to go back to the gynecologist today as my pap came back abnormal last week (that's right, NOTHING in my body is functioning properly), but I canceled the appointment for a number of reasons. 1. My mom had some concerns. Paps come back abnormal a lot of times when there really isn't anything wrong. So, she feels like they should repeat that test before they go and take pieces of me for examination. 2. As has become the theme, if something really is wrong with me, I don't want to find out about it until June, when I have my more permanent insurance. Nothing like getting diagnosed with something a month before your insurance is dropped.

Soooo, that leaves me the day to write, write, write. After this paper is in, the week is hectic through Friday when I fly back to the 'burgh for a whirlwind weekend of wedding, party, and concert madness.

Upon arrival at Pittsburgh International at 1:30, I'll be whisked away to Oakland for rehearsal for the wedding (current and former Joyful Noise members are singing for it). That will just about take up up to the rehearsal dinner at 6:30. Afterward, I'll be heading down to Dallas Pike for Justin's birthday party, something I'm looking very forward to. Spend the night there and up bright and early to get back to Ambridge, ready myself for the shindig, and back down to Oakland where I may be meeting Eric for lunch, though I haven't heard anything back from him. The wedding's at 2:30, followed by a reception dinner that I will duck out of semi-early in order to hightail it down to Mo-town to hear several friends covering OK Computer for a benefit show. Crash on a couch and then back home for brunch with the fam and getting dropped off at the airport around 1:30.

Now that's a weekend to be proud of.

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mooseman said...

I'll put gas in your car on Thursday."Hotel dad is here"!
Brunch on Sunday???Love you!!