Sunday, December 27, 2009

Long December...

...and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last.

How true.

December was good though. Very good. Manolis spent the entire month with me--almost. He ducked out on Christmas Eve in an effort to spend some semblance of time with his family in Cyprus for the holidays. But, while he was here, we really enjoyed the time that we had. Pens game, shopping, Mo-town visit, meeting every friend and family member I could squeeze into a 20 day stay, eating out, cherishing each other's company. Yes, yes. A very nice time.

Now I'm trying to not worry too much about how long it will be until I see him again, and buckle down to get my finances in order in the next year, and focus on my health, and on my upcoming mini-adventure in Miami! =)

That's right, Wednesday I'll be heading to the Sunshine State to take in some New Year's mischief, a Pens game or two, the final Steeler game of the regular season, and some much desired warmth and relaxation.

Only a brief update. I just got off work and it's late. More to come. Check out photos!

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