Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Li'l Cuz is Married!!!!!!!!

Milestone! My little cousin--the one Gina and I would always play games with and always make lose, the one two years my junior, the last of the Provenzano cousins--has tied the knot. I'm so happy for him and his new bride, Katie, who I don't know very well but whom is a lovely girl. I'm also sad, of course. Something about weddings always makes me cry, and it's not tears of joy. It's that bittersweet cry that's celebration coupled with a solemn acknowledgment of the swift passing of time. There's something especially striking about someone younger than myself getting married. It means I'm getting old. Not, "why, in my day" old, but not a child anymore old, none the less. It's a special and remarkable day. One worth jotting a word or two about. Congratulations Justin and Katie. I wish you many happy years.

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