Friday, April 2, 2010

Jobs, schmobs

As per Amanda's request =), a new post. There's really not a whole lot to say right now. Hence the lack of post-age? But I am in the midst of training for a job that I really want (and have not gotten yet). I'm trying to be an instructor for the Princeton Review. They do SAT (and various other standardized test nightmares) prep courses. I really want this job. I think I would enjoy it as I loved teaching at Colorado. It also pays really well and is totally flexible. Plus, there's an opportunity to train to teach for other tests. So, the way I see it, in a little while if I decide I would like to go to law school I could train to teach the LSAT and then kick its ass (hopefully). I don't really have a great desire to go to law school. In fact, one of the best parts about my life is that, even though I'm struggling to get it together right now, I still would rather be doing this than school. My MA program was one of the most miserable things I've ever been through. However, given my financial strife, if I could get a phenom score on the LSAT and go to a school that would guarantee firms fighting over me when I got out, I would totally do that.

Whatever, we'll see.

Right now I'm just focusing on getting the job. And it's not easy. I'm learning the actual skills the prep courses teach at the same time I'm learning how to teach them. I'm just praying I get hired. I really need the job along with wanting it.

In addition to trying to do the homework and teaching prep for that, I'm also still on the Camel job and working at the coffee shop. Several coffee shops actually. I've been bouncing around to the Crazy Mochas that need me as of late. Hey, I'll take the money.

Health is going sooooo much better. I still have some rougher days. But the bad days now are better than the good days before. It's hard to imagine that only a couple of months ago I was having trouble walking and washing my face.

And, with that in mind, I registered for a bike ride through Yellowstone with Amanda, her boy friend, and her mom. It's not until September so I am hoping I am feeling up to it. I had to register for it now though because there are limited spots available. How awesome will a road bike ride through Yellowstone be?! I can't wait.

Right now I'm buried in errands and paperwork and phone calls to this and that institution. Deferring student loans, getting reimbursed for medical costs, dealing with my screwed up taxes (yeah, not one but two of my employers sent my local income tax to Pittsburgh, even though it says right on the damn form that my address is Ambridge. lame.) I do love crossing things off the to-do list though. At least I get to feel productive.

The most exciting thing in the immediate (or relatively immediate) future is my weekend trip to NYC for Justin's birthday party extravaganza. And it will be an extravaganza, make no mistake. Playing Assassin in Queens dressed as super-sexy, head-to-toe black and fishnet sporting, well, assassins. Yeah, can't wait. =)

In the meantime it's all about landing this job (can you tell I'm fixated on it?). I'll keep you posted on the progress. ;)

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