Monday, October 4, 2010

Job, and Stuff

4th week for me. Work is going well. I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with. Jacque is smart, driven, and responsible. But also fun and cool. She just got married too, and I love weddings and everything that has to do with them, so I've enjoyed looking at her photos, hearing about her planning, etc. Office life is going well.

I feel a little bit in limbo. Manolis won't be visiting until late December (as in after Christmas) at the earliest. I have started my routine and what not but haven't really gotten into the groove quite yet. Getting my first paycheck was a delight, for certain. I'm looking forward to really getting into the flow of my days and having a life on top of just work.

But that is all contingent upon my health. Let's be honest. Without that, there's nothing. I can't really do much other than work and sleep or I'm totally run down and incapable of accomplishing even those tasks.

The nest step is IV antibiotics, which need to be approved by my insurance company to pay. Insurance companies are inherently evil, however, and so this is a difficult and time consuming process. The plan is to go ahead with the procedure (inserting the PICC line and beginning to administer the drugs) in November. Keeping my fingers crossed for a number of things. Perhaps when all is said and done I will be symptom free and cured for the new year. The idea of living without pain is nearly foreign to me now. I'm really, really hopeful for this next move.

In one of the more annoying occurances in my life recently, my Paypal account was hacked into (well, according to Paypal this is impossible and what actually happened was this mystery asshole had my password, but whatever). I woke up to an email from them entitled "Your Paypal Receipt for..." I thought this was odd since I hadn't purchased anything with Paypal in months. So, I check it out and see that yes, in fact, my Paypal account was used to buy $164 in website software. Bullshit. Call Paypal and get a very unsympathetic woman who was subsequently made to feel bad about herself by yours truly. At my insistence I was transferred to someone with knowledge and give-a-fuckness who said he would freeze my account and contact the website the item was purchased from. However, even though no money had actually been deducted from my account yet, he could not stop the amount from being paid out to Paypal. Now, he could stop it there and then after some arbitrary wait period I could deposit it back into my account. But, the point is, they couldn't just stop it, and I didn't have the funds in my account to cover that (or any) payment at the time. In which case I would have been responsible for overdraft fees, which is total bs. Now, fortunately, my bank is cool and just had me sign a form saying "pay nothing to Paypal" and, given the circumstances, waved the fee. But, it just all really made me think twice about all online anything. Because, you're not really protected. And these people don't really care.

So, that's my blather for today. Forget you, Paypal. Forget you.

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