Sunday, December 19, 2010

Las Vegas Hotels I've Stayed In

Just for fun. I've been to Las Vegas 7 times (and am going again in May!). Here are the hotels I've graced with with my presence.

The Luxor
Still a soft spot in my heart for this one. I know people say it's old and shitty now, but I absolutely love this one. The very first I ever stayed in. I was ten; it was a family vacation with my parents. I spent the entire trip riding the 3-d thrill ride "In Search of the Obelisk." How do I still remember that?

MGM Grand
When I stayed there this was a very family oriented hotel. There was a theme park in the back and coming in the entrance, a Wizard of Oz themed display. I don't remember much else of this one, though years later I would wake up in it not remembering how I got there...

The Mirage
My absolute favorite hotel. Period. A Las Vegas classic. I saw Sigfried and Roy here. I love the dolphins and the waterfall pool. Plus, the 100ft long aquarium at check in. This is just a great hotel.

Honestly, a pretty shitty hotel. I saw the Knights show and even a dog show, but there's really not a whole lot else I can say about it. I wish it no harm, but I wouldn't stay there again.

The Winn
When I stayed there it was the newest and most expensive Vegas hotel ever built. Snazzy decor, high end shopping, and a hot hot hot night club: this place makes my nice and naughty list. ;)

The Palazzo
Probably the least impressive hotel externally, this place had the nicest rooms of any hotel where I've stayed. We fit 6 ladies in the early 20's comfortably with room to spare. The exclusive pool is a great place to get shit-faced for around $150 dollars and pass out too.

I've also stayed in a hostel and a condo off the strip. The hostel was actually pretty awesome. Something like $14 dollars a night with a pool open 24/7 and really funny front desk employees with absolutely insane "Texas" tats on their biceps (ok, so that was one specific guy). When I go back in May I'll be staying at the New York, New York, which I'm excited for because I love the roller coaster on top. Anyway, that was fun.

Viva Las Vegas!


Amanda said...

I don't know how you planned this so perfectly...but I read this post while staying in Las Vegas and could look out my window at The Strip from my desk. That was so cool! :) It was like, "The Luxor" ::look up at window:: Me-"ahh, The Luxor." said...

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