Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Guess I Need to Vent

I am utterly amazed at the hatred and ignorance I see people express on facebook.

Ex. on Muslims and Islam: "george bush did the right thing. kill all those mutherfuckrs. Look what they did to us on 9.11.01 at least we can go into there little shacks and blow their heads off!"

If only we could eliminate that thinking. Where does it come from? What is this nonsense? So much of our society's hatred towards largely marginalized people really does come from a warped sense of contemporary Christianity. How can this be? Homophobia is the same.

How is it that the most ill advised, uninformed, misguided, uneducated ideologies are those that ring the loudest?

I understand the hypocrisy in what I am saying, but I can't help but become enraged nearly to the point of wishing violence upon these people. "You can't help the color of your skin, but being gay. That's an illness like pedophilia." There are no words to express my anger. I can feel my writing lacking eloquence.

This type of thinking has to be stopped. Actions that follow from this kind of thinking have to be stopped.

But how hopeless a cause. What can be done?


Nguyen Tien Manh said...

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abaloune said...

That kind of thinking, I would say, have individuals with closed minds that come from lack of consciousness of humanity and its very nature (other people`s as much as their own). And as of eliminating that from the solution there. I would be more than pleased to have even a glimpse of it.
(although one thing comes to mind: evolution:).
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