Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Abercrombie Land

Oh the wonderful world of Boulder never ceases to amaze me. It has a new title now, as you may have picked up in the title: "Abercrombie Land." Because, really, it's like an Abercrombie & Fitch photo shot about my campus, not a place of learning (unless, of course, you're being schooled in the preppy-chic lifestyle).

I want to make clear that the tone of this post is not ranting, nor angry. Simply, I am marveled, and--actually--quite amused. I walk about my campus and find it challenging to locate a man with a shirt, or a classroom without a puppy. Skateboards are a legitimate mode of transportation, iPods abound, and don't get me started on those silly looking flat brim hats. P.S. when did guys start wearing capris? Ok, so I am usually all for the European influence, but for socialized medicine, not three-quarter length pants! Also, keep the boxers to yo'self.
Here's one of the little buggers now. I know that you are confusing this place with a tanning bed, or even a public park...but it's not. It's campus. So put your damn shirt on.

In other news: all guys having trouble getting laid should get a puppy. I really just think it would work for them. Here is me with Steve's puppy, Baily. Now, I'm not saying that there was any particular kind of attraction to this Steve character at all (or that there wasn't). That's irrelevant. The point is he and I talked for a great deal of time (with Julie, via phone...such a strange and enjoyable experience--see that's her there on my ear) whereas we never would have had it not been for the adorable Baily.

And, finally, I saw a speaker tonight, Dr. Philip Tompkins, who spoke on homelessness. Among many other interesting and moving pieces of information was this: a homeless man was murdered (decapitated, more specifically) in Denver and law enforcement officials wanted to make clear to the homeless shelter (where the man frequented) that the case would, in fact, be treated as a crime.

Chew on that.

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