Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a veritable wonderland!

First, please note yesterday's post, specifically yesterday's photographs. Now, please direct your attention to yet another reason why Boulder (and all of Colorado this time) totally sucks:
Oh, I'm not crazy, nor am I silently protesting weather via dress. No, no. You see, not only was yesterday 70 some odd degrees, but when I set off for campus this morning at 8am, it was 50 outside. I figured (because I'm normal), of course this is appropriate attire. It was 75 degrees yesterday, it's 50 already. Flip flops it is! Did I find an Earthly location that gives Pittsburgh weather a run for it's 'Shitty-ness' title?*

In other news, went to women's health today where I got vaccinated against 4 of the most common strains of HPV. Funny, I paid 171 dollars to be injected with that stuff when I could just go to any local watering hole and get all the HPV I want for free. Hell, the host would probably even buy me a drink.

Tis a strange world.

*That is SNOW, by the way, not rain.


Ryan said...

don't forget about genital herpes! 20-30% of American adults are infected!

katie said...

Um, all I have to say is that it snowed in Kansas City on Saturday. It was near 80 today, but mind you it SNOWED on Saturday! (Midwestern weather = bipolar)