Saturday, April 26, 2008

Party like a Rock Star (or just an undegrad)

Amanda had a Bye, Bye Radioshack party last night to celebrate her last day of work. But, the pics were taken after midnight, so it counts as today.

Let's reflect on some lyrics, shall we? Here is a transcript of the lyrics from Fox Japan's "Divorce"


We'll get divorced or maybe we'll get separated.
Either way, it's strange and faded lives.
It was a downtown mall or was it just a cemetary,
a mineshaft with a dead canary.

I'm in the car, 'cause it's done, it's done.
Thought that livin' and needin' someone were one.
Now I know I was spectacularly wrong,

And I'm goin' straight on from the church to the titty bar,
Changin' at work and sleepin' in my car,
I'm savin' up and I'm tryin' to restart.

I was Hispanic, or maybe I was Filipino,
Maybe black and maybe white, so what?
You call it boredom -- there is some truth to that, maybe --
It's not really that I'm bored, it's that I hate you, baby!

I still shake rice form the pockets of my suit,
I'm tunin' out and hitting you.
I'm filing for divorce.
I look to the sky with my mouth agape
And think of this fear I can't escape.
I'm filin' for divorce.
No soccer games or comparing costs,
No loading trucks for my asshole boss.
I'm leaving and getting divorced.
Sup, oh I cannot force again, be an adult.
I'm filin for divorce.
[The one part] young [that I don't know] independent thought,
But later I'd feel different now.
I filed for divorce.
I'm leavin' town, I'm gone away, to start again, because today,
I must admit, this is no way that I can live, so I finally say:

I hate my life! I hate my life! I hate my job! I hate my wife! I hate my kids! And worse is this: it's over, it's ending, oh I'm done pretending...

That if we had a Jeep I could be happy.
That if we just lost weight I could be happy.
That if I could quit drinkin' I'd be happy.
That if we had a boy, I could be happy.
for your kids

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The Red Ponderer said...

Hell yeah! And really, you need to experience more of the world of house parties. I'll help you with that next year! :)