Monday, May 26, 2008

As I went down in the river to pray

Happy Memorial Day--my used to be favorite holiday. Today was rough. Fought with both parents, which I hardly ever do. It happens I suppose. To add insult to injury, I ran into a certain someone at Giant Eagle with his girlfriend...and it's just one of those people you don't want to run into. I'll leave it at that. To top it all off, the poor, poor Pens have yet to score a goal in this series. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Fourth of July this year. I'll be at the beach with Justin, so it's looking promising.

Before the fight broke out, mom and I sat down by the river at the Rochester Park. It was lovely; one of those times where you really just sit and watch the world and feel the breeze. I think that everyone should take time like that for themselves.

I have come to hate television so much anymore, because it takes away from time like that, it seems. I haven't really watched tv in several years, but this past year I didn't own one at all, and it was fantastic. I watched a show a week online, and went out on Sundays to watch the Steeler games at a local pub. Everything is better without television. Why would I stay alone cooped up at home when I could go and socialize with a bunch of crazies in a bar sipping bloody mary's on a Sunday morning?

Other news: Pens' loss #2 is killing me. Here's to better luck on the home ice!

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