Sunday, May 25, 2008


Dad and I went golfing today, on a fabulous course. I will say that the photo above is posed...that's not my actual swing, because one would never cock one's foot like that when actually teeing off. =)

After we golfed we met my mom and Joe for wings at Rook's then all met back at Dad's for a rousing game (2 out of 3, of course) of Euchre, my family's favorite pastime. My mom and I are undefeated. Dad and Joe have one two games, but never a round of 2/3.

I am so appreciative of my family. Being able to sit down, the four of us, and play a game of cards, share coffee and conversation, and laugh together. It's nothing short of amazing. I'm no fool, of course. Things are not perfect. There's animosity there and irritants--things from long ago that will never totally fade away. But, for the most part, we are a merry bunch when together. I hope for many more of these times this summer, and am so satisfied with my decision to stay in Pittsburgh (well, use it as home base, more like ;D) for the next few months.

Family is something that I have always struggled with. Some are of the sort where the family unit takes precedence above all else. People stay together, there is tradition to uphold. It reminds me of patriotism in a way, the many over the individual. And others are about one member of the family. The child comes first, the head of the household, what have you. Some show affection, others do not, or cannot. Money is a means to pleasure for some, and the end all for others. My family falls into many of these categories. We've had our feuds, our fights, our woes. My mother and father are so different from one another and I am just about as close to a 50/50 split as one could imagine.

I am admittedly rambling now. I have a lot of feelings jumbled up inside that I am trying to work out. Sorry that it has to be on you. I'll aim for better in the future.

Euchre in the back yard.

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