Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pens' loss=sad Shannon

I cannot explain how overwhelming it has been to arrive back in my beloved Pittsburgh during the hype of the NHL playoffs (and now finals!). I am admittedly more of a football follower than a hockey fanatic, but I always loved Mario Lemieux (and yes, I spelled that correctly without looking it up) and Jamir Jagr (had to look that one up, though) growing up, and basically I'm just a fan of anything Pittsburgh.

So now, I'm sad. Because they lost yesterday, and just generally looked really bad out there. So here's hoping for tomorrow. Tomorrow's Memorial Day, though, which is my favorite holiday (no, I'm not kidding. Memorial Day is my favorite holiday. Not Christmas, not the Fourth of July, not Thanksgiving, not even Halloween. Memorial Day.) so maybe that's some good luck thrown their way.

Daddy and I went biking on out favorite route yesterday, from Washington's Landing to the stadiums, over the Roberto Clemete to the Point. It was about 70 degrees, breezy, with blue skies, and pillowy white clouds. It was the kind of day the Pittsburghers really appreciated. Especially since the whole weekend is forecasted to be this way, it's a holiday weekend, and the weather's been poopy for the past few weeks.

Now all we need is a big Pens' win.

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Pat said...

I've totally ridden that same exact route on my bike! It's so much fun!