Sunday, May 11, 2008

Finding a friend

Yi-Chen makes my life better. Thinking today was my last in Boulder, I got up early, went for a lovely little walk, gave the Flatirons their due attention (which I had been denying them), and spent time with dear friends. Yi-Chen and I had lunch, walked, shopped a bit, and just talked, and talked, and talked.

Because we could do that forever.

It's amazing to me. Yi-Chen and I come from completely different cultures, yet we share such an amazing connection. I have spent such a limited amount of time with her and, even though she is in my department, our meeting was truly by chance. The first night we really talked was nothing short of magical, I would have to say. I sat next to her at a department outing because it was the last seat available--and for the next few hours there we were in our own little world. Couldn't stop giggling, complementing each other, escaping the world. Afterwards we went to a coffee shop and continued our time together. She told me about her boyfriend on the other side of the globe. We spoke of religion and love and our families and education. She talked about her father who sounded like an exceptional person.

Today was much the same. And what struck me the most was something she said. Yi-Chen told me that even in her own country, or here with other people from Taiwan, she still did not find the connection that she and I shared. Despite all of the differences between us we are very much the same, and compliment one another as well. It filled me with a hope I was once familiar with but had lost over the years.

Every moment in this world amazes me. My mom said to me yesterday that she told her students this: "Open your eyes; every day you are walking through fields of diamonds and you don't even know it." 2 things from this: 1--and this is fitting for Mothers' Day--how lucky am I to have a mom like that. 2. How lucky are we to live in a world like this.

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