Thursday, May 1, 2008

overcoming space and time

Haha. The two extremely tall gentlemen at our space/place "meeting" tonight conspicuously positioned in similar fashion.

I am done teaching for the semester. Had my last classes this morning. They went well; I am very sad. I doubt I'll have another semester like this one. And I really miss them already. Silly, I know. Not one will miss me. I don't think they know the effect that they had. They really got me through a lot of downers this semester.

Sorry for all of the personal droning as of late. I'm very emotional and I don't know why. Probably because I don't hate Boulder after all, have become accustomed to it, will miss my friends from here this summer, and am terribly stressed about all of the last minute to-dos.

The aforementioned "meeting" where that photo was taken seemed to drag on forever tonight. But, the topics are interesting. They better be--it's the focus of my directed study for this summer. Questions of space and place and time and materiality. What constitutes design? Is there such a thing as authenticity (yes) and what does that look like? What do capitalism, globalization, and commodification mean for studies in the rhetoric of space and time? Any thoughts? Lefebvre, Arendt, de Certeau, and Baudrillard had a few, but I'm so done with that.
Yes, yes. Spring is lovely. Oh, for the record, IT SNOWED TODAY. Damn you, Colorado. Happy May 1st.

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