Friday, May 30, 2008

2 days' posts--cause i screwed up, aight?

DMB. 'Nuff said.

You can find us in the club

Late posting. This is the post for Thursday, the 29th.

Went out in the 'burgh for the first time in a loooooooong time with Julz. We got all dolled up (cause girls do those things) and made a night of it.

This picture was taken at Town Tavern, a complete shit hole in the South Side, but really the only bar where you can dance (without going to an all out "club"). Nobody knows who that guy is in the photo with us, but he was really nice and offered to take a picture of just me and Julz. ;)

Before we arrived at the yinzer convention (not a hater, just calling it like it is), we stopped off at Harris'. Harris' became my bar before I left for Colorado, and it caught fire on the day that I moved there. They got it back up and operating a month or so ago. The bar was really me and Eric's place, and now he even works there (though he wasn't last night). Walking through the door I was immediately greeted by Christina, the friend largely responsible for talking Eric through the idea of proposing. She was always so delightful to both me and him; I adore her.

But I was very, very nervous at first sight. I didn't know how she, or anyone else, would be towards me. I hadn't seen anyone since Eric and I had broken up. To my surprise (and relief) she was just, well, as she always was. And excited to see me. We chatted and caught up. She was working, so our interaction was brief.

Julie and I saw several other people that night, and I got the same reaction from all of them. Kevin, Caleb, Rick, and Matt all hung around for a while. It was nice. I missed Eric a lot. So strange how I can go away for 9 months and completely change my life and then walk back into a place (that had burned and been rebuilt) in the city I'd been missing, and just have everything feel like old times.

What a strange thing this life is.

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