Thursday, June 26, 2008

Damn Yankees?

The birfday was hoppin', no lie. Thanks again to the lovely Dara for arranging everything. As usual, no outing in the 'burgh would be complete without the thrill of a celebrity sighting. This time my comrades and I were delighted in the knowledge that several of the New York Yankees were accompanying us at the club.

It was later brought to my attention by Matt--the guy who told us they were the Yankees to begin with--that, although he had gotten the individual correct (Cliff Floyd pictured above), he was in error about the team that they played for. So, no Yankee sighting after all. We had to settle for the Devil Rays. What's weird is that he was kind of a pretentious tool at first when I asked for the picture, but then when I knew his name, he obliged, only after I made some adorable (but unknowingly obscure) reference to the Yankees.


I love my life.

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