Friday, July 18, 2008

I hope there is a god... that the person who broke into my dad's car tonight can go to hell.

Julie and I parked on Carson Street, like we have for two years. We got back to our car after a fun night at Matrix to find the trunk popped, the passenger window smashed, and the center console emptied.

Julie's purse had been in the trunk. Around 10 of my dad's credit cards in the console.

Fuck whoever did this.

Look, I'm not the biggest fan of religion lately, but I would give up all my pride and scholarship to have the Bible be true just so that people who steal could be reserved a place in hell.

And I mean that.

Because I am angry, and vengeful.

You know what? Julie works for her money. And she can never get the pictures on her camera back again. She loved that purse, and doesn't want to go through the trouble of getting a new debit, credit, social security, and Victoria's Secret card.

You know what else? My dad works. My dad has worked for 25 years at a thankless job. He's worked hard and done well; survived lay-offs and hard times, pay-cuts and loss of benefits. He knows what an 8 hour day is and what it feels like to work his ass of for years at a time with two fucking weeks off and a couple of lousy paid holidays. And he bought a car that he really likes, that really makes him happy. Something he has worked hard for. Something he washes on his days off and gets excited to show off.

And all he did was lend it to his daughter to go out with her friend one night. Now it's shattered. His insurance could go up, his window's all fucked, and his credit cards are gone.

Fuck whoever did this. Because they don't work hard, and they don't sacrifice. And you know what? Fuck their pathetic sob stories about growing up poor and their sad welfare families, because, I was raised on welfare, and Julie's parents were dirt poor. but we are upstanding people who would never, never, steal from someone, because we are better people than they are.

Earlier in the night. Me and Julz having good times.

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