Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The things we worry about

Before we get into it, let's just talk about the American flagged out eagle in the picture with me and Julz. Holy crap. Funny.

Ok, so. I've been thinking a lot about regrets. Cause, you know, people have them. And, it's considered pretty cool for one to have "no regrets," and people usually envy those people and wish they could not care what anybody thinks too.

And you know what, I totally agree. Now, I'm not talking about serious regrets, as in, wow, I wish I had used a condom, or man, I really shouldn't have signed up for the Army Reserves. But, things that people worry about and stress about for days and weeks and months and years after something has happened that they're embarrassed about.

Cause, that's just silly.

I'm thinking primarily about this past weekend's excursion. When people get drunk they have a good time, but can really end up saying or doing things that end up being pretty regrettable. But, they're not even things that hurt anyone, just a reputation.

So what?

Seriously, why does anybody get embarrassed? Who in the world cares what anybody else thinks about how stupid you were when you had a few too many. I mean, I was fortunate enough to have not been the train wreck this weekend...but that's not to say I wouldn't be in the future. And, even though I was totally under control, here I am still worrying about the impression I made on the people I met this weekend. For what? To what end? Really, who cares?

The bottom line is I, and my companions, had a great time this weekend--and pretty much always do. If there are or aren't people somewhere in the world drinking hate-orade over my name, what of it? It matters not. And I am totally fine with things, either way.

Liberating. Yes, quite.

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