Monday, September 29, 2008

The BIG trip

I'm leaving for Europe on Thursday. Here's what I'll be up to:

Thursday, October 2nd: In the morning, fly from Denver to Chicago, depart the US at 6:30 pm for England

Friday, October 3rd: arrive in Manchester at 8:05am, 2 hour layover, then to Stockholm, Sweden. 1:30 pm arrival. Check in at City Lodge Hostel, enjoy the city.

Saturday, October 4th: explore the city & sight-see until 8:30 pm --> PITTSBURGH PENGUINS SEASON OPENER AGAINST OTTAWA SENATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 5th: continue to take in the city; take a ferry out to the islands, & find a bar to watch second Pens' game (or find ticket from scalper =D)

Monday, October 6th: say goodbye to Sweden, depart via plane for Poznan, Poland (via Warsaw) at 6pm

Tuesday, October 7th: arrive in Poznan at midnight. Kathy meets me at the airport, only 10 minutes from her place! Sleep in while Kathy has class anad then spend the day with her.

Wednesday, October 8th: Quick visit, depart for Germany by train for the tour of every major German city in less than 48 hours. Poznan to Berlin to Munich (arrive at 1:30am)

Thursday, October 9th: 6:25am departure from Munich to Ulm to Friedrichshafen where I'll arrive at 9:08am. Lisa's plane lands at 9:05am (how about that timing). we meet and figure out transport for the 14 miles to Konstanz where we'll be seeing American Steel

Friday, October 10th: follow AmSteel to Lucerne, Switzerland for a second show, and possibly meet up with Lisa's friend who lives there

Saturday, October 11th: travel back to Germany to continue my slam-bang tour of every major city. This time Nuernberg for our final show with the guys

Saturday, October 12th: bus from Neurnberg to Frankfurt (the final major city I get to high five) where I'll fly back to the States arriving in Denver later that eveninig.

That's right people: 4 countries, 3 concerts, 2 friends, and one hockey game in 10 days.

I know, my life is awesome. But hey, I really do appreciate it. =)

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