Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

So, Friday was fun, fun, in the morning (got a darling little ensemble =D), lunch with Amanda, coffee with Erica, Stan Deetz's Colloquium, happy hour with the department at the St. Julian, dinner with Sara, Bryon, and friends, and then party at my place!

The "Edward 40 Hands" party, as it is called, was undergraduate amusement at its best. A few weeks ago, Katie decided she had a hankering to play "Power Hour" (a shot of beer every minute for an hour) or "Edward 40 hands" (tape 2 40s to your hands until you finish them). A few days before the shindig was to go down, the host decided she didn't feel comfortable with all those people being drunk with bottles taped to their hands in her nice apartment. Well, I live in family housing and don't give a flying sack of horse manure about my place, so I offered it up for the festivities. And so, around 9pm the people started to flow and we taped the alcohol to our hands (those of us who chose that game) and the party commenced. I opted for a bottle of Sutter Home as I don't like beer to much. Which is even funnier in my opinion, because then I had to tape both of my hands to one bottle. Haha.

Then, woke up this morning and hopped in the car with Amanda to go mountain biking for the very first time. We met Alyson (seasoned mb-er) and started off on the trail. Really, I could recap the entire experience, but I'm far too exhausted from it. It was without a doubt, hands down, the most difficult and physically exerting activity I have ever taken part in--in my life. Period. So much so, that--get this--I definitely passed out at the very beginning of the run. Passed out. Like, gone, down for the count, woke up to Amanda trying to get my helmet unsnapped because I wasn't breathing and it was cutting off my airway. And, I gotta be honest, all I can do is laugh about it now. It was so crazy. I was dreaming and totally in another place, and when I came to I had no idea where I was. But, I kept going and did the trail with the girls, and get this. I loved it! And I'm totally addicted. =)

Me, successfully at the top of the trail. Note the picturesque background. ;)

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