Sunday, October 5, 2008


Last night was pretty much the best night of my life. Well, that may be an overstatement, but only because I've had so many other good ones. Upon arrival in Stockholm on Friday (after flying from 6am on Thursday--without having EVER gone to bed Wednesday night--till 1:30pm on Friday--without sleeping on the plane Thursday night), I checked into my hostel (which is absolutely delightful), walked about the town a little, treated myself to a much too expensive dinner, and went to bed early to catch up on sleep. Yesterday was all about seeing the town as I walked from my hostel's part of town to the Globen Arena, where the Pens would play. There were a lot of Penguins fans here, and, surprisingly, many of them European, which was really cool, but at the same time made finding other Pittsburghers more difficult than I had suspected.

But, as luck would have it (and it always does for me), I sat next to the most bad ass Pens fans ever--this awesome couple from the 'burgh living in Germany for a year. We watched the game together, which was freaking awesome. A win in OT?! It doesn't get better. Then we met up with their other friends they'd met here, some Sweeds, some Americans living in Europe. We partied until about 4 in the morning and I crashed on their floor overnight. Of course, the entire time making American fools of ourselves screaming "LET'S GO PENS!" at random intervals throughout the night. I cannot describe to you how much fun we had.

Meeting up with some of them from last night tonight. There are plenty of tickets available from scalpers so I have every intention of going to the game tonight as well. Wish me luck and I'll post photos upon return to the States.

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