Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Soundtrack to My Life

This is a fun project—put your music library on shuffle and fill in the following blanks. (I got crazy good results. No joke, this was all random from my iTunes shuffle. Hard to believe considering that "Love Song" was for Falling in Love. Weird.)

Opening Credits: Highway Blues, Marc Seals

Waking up: Ruiner, NIN

First day at school: Ignition-Remix, R. Kelly

Falling in Love: Love Song, The Cure

Breaking Up: The Hand That Feeds, NIN

1st Date: With Every Breath, Dan Haseltine

Prom: Stronger, Britney Spears

Life's ok: Testify to Love, Joyful Noise

Driving: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble, Michael Buffer

Flashback: Amazing Grace, Rockapella

Getting Back Together: Romeo & Juliet, On The Rocks

Wedding: The Prophecy, Howard Shore

Birth of Child: endure.mp3 (not sure what this's somewhere in the bowels of my lap top apparently. But it's called "endure" and deals with child birth/having kids. hilarious)

Last Battle: Southtown, POD

Death Scene: We Will Become Silhouettes, The Postal Service (thought this was unbelievably fitting too)

Funeral Song: I’m a Fool, The Clarks

End Credits: Transformer, Gnarles Barkley

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