Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Travel Continues

Just made my reservations for a "one night stand" (aren't I clever) in Los Angeles for next month. I will literally be in the city about 29 hours, arriving somewhere in the vicinity of 10am Friday the 14th and peacing out the next day at 5. All of this in an effort to see The Fashion on the last night of their Fall '08 US tour with Uh Huh Her. I had initially planned on seeing the show anyway, but had certain doubts...would the guys even remember me? But, the conclusion I always come to was there for me saying, "Shannon, are you kidding? You're getting to travel to a new city and go to a concert. That's what you do. There's no way that can't be awesome. And when have you ever relied on other people's 'stuff' to have a good time anyway?"

Then, as if I needed further confirmation, on Friday I have a message in my MySpace inbox from Christian asking if I would be hitting up a show so he could put me on the list.

Done and done. Hollywood, here I come!


mooseman said...

Life is tough!!!

Sam! said...

so when you write your memoirs, I want a copy!