Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nudder Tuesday

Got my comps paper back. So, I'm done with that. It's good. Done and done.

Now, 75 papers to grade, 2 papers to revise, finals to grade.

Then I'm REALLY done.

May 8th is only 17 days away!!!

Looking so forward to moving home, and Denmark, and summer, and a job, and NOT HAVING TO DO ANYTHING SCHOOL RELATED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 18 YEARS, and getting healthy, and grocery shopping, and learning French, and cooking, and golfing, and biking, and spending good time with my family, and getting a fish, and rearranging my room, and reading stuff I want to, and going to half off, and dressing up and getting cocktails, and being in Pittsburgh, and Las Vegas for the NHL awards, and Pirates games...this list could go on forever.


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