Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Party last night. Good times. I would post a picture or two, but, for some reason, my computer no longer recognizes my camera...slightly problematic.

Cleaning with Jen this morning. Listening to the Pens game currently (let's win it at their home!!!), and hopefully getting a little school work done later today.

How forward I am looking to moving home. And, with any luck, playoff hockey will still be happening in the 'burgh. I gotta go to at least one more game before the off-season. I'll just die if I don't!

Also looking forward to getting to some Pirate games. And, well, looking forward to EVERYTHING else that comes with moving home. I'm basically on auto pilot now. Just get through the next couple weeks. Take the good, but, really, purgatory continues. Here's to heaven, coming soon!

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